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AIFA Technologies Engineers have over 20-year experience in business system integrations and are devoted to build AI Cloud Ecosystem for our clients.  The AiNow, a self-developed cloudy management platform and middleware, redefines the cloud operation and maintenance service, and drives the continuous innovation of the platform through long-term accumulated experience.

Through the continuous accumulation of cloud management service best practices and the continuous innovation of cloud-based artificial intelligence AI technology, we provide intelligent live video live broadcast platform, AI activity intelligent report, cloud exchange and other services to complete the ultimate goal of AIFA Tech, Realize cloud management automation operations.

We are currently the world’s leading partner for mainstream cloud vendors such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, and Google Cloud Platform. At present, the company has several experts in artificial intelligence AI, transit software development and public cloud in the world. With strong cloud environment management service capabilities,we are service provider for Ricoh, Hong Kong Education City, Hong Kong Biotechnology Association, etc.

THE AI Now Portal


AiNow Hybrid cloud-based artificial


intelligence technologies

Patented AIFA Cloud System

AiNow Hybrid cloud


management platform & middleware


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