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Fintech intelligence

With AI, auditor firm  can continuously analyze a larger number of contracts in real-time.

Using AI, auditors can automatically extract data from contracts with NLP tools and identify relevant clauses for accounting treatment such as lease commencement date, payment amount, renewal and termination options.

Enterprise and organization can get their audit report eariler to achieve their financial goals.

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Fintech Intelligence

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AI Impact The Audit

Auditors can use machine learning to

automate manual tasks of auditors such as documentation

analyze the complete volume of structured and unstructured data that come from financial records by parsing data

identify anomalies such as unusual payments or activities that would not be caught by manual auditing,

make predictions about future risks and events by reviewing and analyzing historical transaction data.


*Not a final version still in development 

A Risk Insights Platform

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*Not a final version still in development 

Our platform analyzes all of your uploaded documents for risks and objectives to help you plan, conduct and review all of your audits.

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